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Great customer service is what sets Health Flow Net apart. When you call one of our account managers you can expect to receive first class service. Expert marketing specialists provide you with an exceptional experience. Personalized, knowledgeable care is what sets Health Flow Net apart from other health industry marketing agencies.


Allergy Therapy

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Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatricians, Dermatology, ENT, etc.) can now meet the needs of their allergy patients without referring them to allergy specialists.

With 30% of the adult population suffering from allergies and 40% of children, adding allergy testing in your office can help determine and identify what your patients are suffering from. Adding this service help you expand the level of service to your patients with a simple 15 minutes test.


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HEARTWISE© Preventive Health Program

Understand your Patients' True Health Condition

HEARTWISE is total body preventive health exam and proprietary software designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s health. It is the only formal preventive health program that runs in physician clinics, and the only one that is reimbursed by the vast majority of insurance companies.

The HEARTWISE program is delivered in via business-smart, turnkey approach that requires no additional work for providers or staff and generates meaningful NET income for physicians.  The company helps physicians Work Smarter. Not Harder.

HEARTWISE provides a proactive approach to managing health and detecting health risks before symptoms are present, taking the guesswork out of your patients’ health.  The exam captures issues that may be missed in traditional physicals or wellness programs, and gives physicians and patients real answers about underlying conditions.  Simple, non-invasive, evidence-based diagnostic testing provides an in-depth tool for you to improve patient health, reduce preventable illnesses and get to the root cause of issues, rather than addressing only the symptoms.

Utilizing protocols developed at Harvard as well as the University of Minnesota, HEARTWISE algorithms compare decades of data with real-time diagnostics.   Analyze patient risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer to ensure that you fully understand your patients’ true health condition.  “Heartwise provides physicians with the opportunity to be proactive with their patients, rather than reactive.” – Heartwise Certified© Physician, Port Neches, TX.


Nerve Conduction Velocity

A nerve conduction velocity test, also called a nerve conduction study, measures how quickly electrical impulses move along a nerve. It is often done at the same time as an electromyogram, in order to exclude or detect muscle disorders.

A healthy nerve conducts signals with greater speed and strength than a damaged nerve. The speed of nerve conduction is influenced by the myelin sheath—the insulating coating that surrounds the nerve.

Most neuropathies are caused by damage to the nerve’s axon rather than damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve. The nerve conduction velocity test is used to distinguish between true nerve disorders (such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease) and conditions where muscles are affected by nerve injury (such as carpal tunnel syndrome).


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